Best Bar Ever

BrandtBrand helps The Nature's Bounty Co. establish this new and superior product in a very competitive space.

BrandtBrand is the ONLY agency that has ever exceeded my expectations in a way that words cannot describe. When I saw their design work, I literally had tears in my eyes. They took every passionate, rambling phone conversation about what I wanted my brand to represent and then they did the impossible. They designed packaging that was something I couldn’t even describe but exactly what I wanted. I used to think that packaging was less important than the actual product, but based on how much faster our products are gaining placement, I’ve realized that working with BrandtBrand was the defining moment in our product development. I couldn’t recommend their team higher.
— Mike Clay, Founder, Creator of The Best Bar Ever

You may first ask, where did this name come from? The consumers in product testing! It was the very first thing EVERY consumer exclaimed upon tasting it we were told. It was too big to ignore, the product basically named itself. But it was a long name, and that presented us with some challenges in terms of achieving the stand out needed in a sea of boxes of dozens of inferior brands. 


The protein bar business is much like many other categories today, very crowded, a visual nightmare, yet with a few very strong brands leading the category. But we knew we had something truly better, not just a "me to", so the challenge to stand-out became immediately clear, and in many mass channels as well as specialty   We had to stand out and tell our big story, that we were leapfrogging the rest, cleaner, better ingredients, best tasting and all in the wink of an eye. Most consumers just mindlessly reach for the brand they learned to like, and we had to snap them out of that habit and consider trying something new...something better. A bar with no sacrifice in flavor to get the protein you want. 



With very careful consideration we developed a packaging design and an overall visual language that cut through, told the story and positioned "THE BEST BAR EVER" as the premium choice that was clearly worth it. The bold and gold type on black wood, told the primary story through words and type, and became the beacon that cut through the clutter. Then we carefully considered the communication hierarchy, by placing the real ingredients to reinforce the product realness and drive appetite appeal. Finally, the use of a bold swath of color that bounced off the black in order to navigate the flavor choices and added even more shelf stand-out. All elements were critical, and had to be integrated in a way to tell one story clearly. From the bar, to the box, to the merchandising and brand's visual language, BrandtBrand helped THE BEST BAR EVER stand out, communicate the brand's truths and clearly be different.