DryTown Vodka & Gin

DryTown Vodka & Gin

Crafted American Spirits of Ft. Collins Colorado

True American craftsmanship, in a new Vodka & Gin pair from Ft. Collins Colorado. Crafted with pent up passion following Ft. Collins' prohibition history that lasted from 1896 - 1969.

BrandtBrand developed the concept, name and packaging for this highly crafted Gin & Vodka pair from America's heartland.

From 1896 – 1969, Fort Collins was a dry town and relied on bootleggers for its libations.

After a hard day’s work, the farmer, the banker, the mill worker, they all had to sneak around to get a sip of the good stuff. They made honest livings. They were good citizens. But they had a little rebelliousness in them, an outlaw spirit that urged them to break the rules.

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