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Joy Mangano

Joy Mangano

Launching an established brand in retail.

Putting it all together. Joyfully.

Inventor and entrepreneur, Joy Mangano, is known for creating ingenious products that simplify everyday challenges. As HSN's most successful star, she is beloved by millions of fans who have come to depend on her innovative products that make a real difference in their lives. With the debut of a major motion picture about Joy and her amazing life, the stage was set for a brand relaunch.

Throughout the process, BrandtBrand was to become Joy’s most trusted advisor. With one foot planted on the client side and one inside the agencies, BrandtBrand was retained to identify and lead every best-in-class agency to created one of the biggest and most exciting new retail launches in recent history. 


“BrandtBrand was instrumental in bringing my brand to life for ALL consumers, they are unbelievably talented in so many ways, extremely experienced and a highly valued business partner. I enjoy every interaction I have with the BrandtBrand team.”
— Joy Mangano

BrandtBrand partnered with  Beardwood&Co to help create the first thing needed, the JOY brand identity and package design. BrandtBrand functioned as the Chief Strategy & Creative Lead, ensuring that the work channeled Joy herself and telegraphically delivered it, right to the shelf. Developing the brand story, capturing the true essence of Joy, the vivacious and prolific inventor— Together we delivered her famous imagination and infectious style and effusive persona.

Naturally, no agency can do great work without a great client. Robert Miranne, EVP of Ingenious Designs, and Joy, understood the power of "great," and without them, BrandBrand could not have done what we did. It was "Bobby" Miranne's vision, drive and support that allowed for flawless and timely brand creation.

BrandtBrand art directed all content and photography for Joy's new website-

BrandtBrand art directed all content and photography for Joy's new website-

The JOY brand needed an enormous holistic presence. We created the brand’s Look & Feel, it’s voice, the brand lifestyle and product photography, to inform every possible touchpoint from website, to merchandising and social media. Everything required for a massive retail launch across all 50 states and beyond.

BrandBrand developed the pure white backgrounds as a canvas to draw attention to “THE PRODUCTS”… the heart and soul of Joy’s brand.

We would not have had the success we’ve had without BrandtBrand. We had a custom team using their long-developed network of professionals, and managed that team for our project. On a more human level, BrandtBrand’s true love for great work and fun, is what sets BrandtBrand apart.
— Robert Mirane– EVP of IDL Business Strategy & Development