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Crown Royal Flavors

Shanghai White Ultra Premium Vodka

Crown Royal Flavors


The flavor trend in whiskey in the United States continues to astound the marketplace as what was originally seen as a trend is now becoming an entrenched, long-term proposition. We helped Diageo identify the right flavor extensions that would go beyond what was trending and helped Crown Royal break new ground and be first with certain flavors that would add to Crown Royal’s share and not cannibalize the core Crown Royal Deluxe business.

We worked very closely with the Diageo innovation and consumer insights and research teams to develop Crown Royal Honey, Apple, Maple and Black (100 proof), as well as establish a consumer focused “Crown Royal Way” of executing flavors. Together with Deluxe, flavors created greater retail shelf blocking, robust flavor communication while remaining true to the core essence of the Crown Royal brand.


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Result: Crown Royal Apple has risen to the top of all flavors and has increased trial and retention and has added massive growth to the #1 brand in US whiskey without taking share from Crown Royal Deluxe.

Note: We designed Crown Royal while employed at Landor.