Our Process


Our Best Practices.

While every client and every project is unique, we have established a core set of proven best practices that we apply to every challenge. Our first step is always to listen. Our clients are true experts in their fields, and the greatest insights emerge when we work closely together.  Partnership is our promise. 

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While our goal is always to create beautiful design, our focus is always on our client's business. Their success is our success.


We always present a range of solutions for each project. Often, the most challenging part for clients is choosing the right concept. Here are some general guidelines we ask clients to consider when critiquing ideas:


The BrandtBrand Advantage


Small Scale / Global Agency Experience
Our core team has worked side by side for years at major agencies.  Today, we are a small-scale, strategically sound, branding-and-design powerhouse.

Proven Talent Network 
Equally as powerful as experience: we have established relationships with the most talented and capable people in the business.

Integrated Outlook
Our approach is to look at brands through integrated glasses. We create branding and design, but we always think about things in the broad communications context. 

Honest Counsel is our Core Operating Principal
Brandt Brand is built on honesty, trust and a commitment to excellence over billing revenue — this is in our “DNA.” 

Our Virtual Model is Efficient and Flexible
We’ve positioned ourselves for today’s efficient world. We manage businesses to each specific client/project need – custom built – so you’re not buying much overhead. We can invest far more of a Client’s budget in the work itself.

This Should Be Fun
Branding and design is one of the most exciting parts of business, and we strive to ensure that, while what we do is serious, it should also be the highlight of a client’s day — and ours.