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Seagram's 7 Flavors

Shanghai White Ultra Premium Vodka

Seagrams 7 Flavors



Seagram’s 7 is a bar essential. No bar is complete without it. However the brand image over the years had become dusty and old. The first objective was to unlock the great whiskey credentials and equity that Seagram’s 7 had back to the forefront. The winning solution was the creation of a far more elegant design that leveraged Seagram’s legacy as a premier North American whiskey. The original Seagram’s crest was recast as a major design element and married to a revitalized red “7” icon, holistically revitalizing the brand.  All pack elements were put under scrutiny, and each was recreated by hand, which made this legacy brand relevant again and not have it live in the distant world of nostalgia.

Result, the new design fond itself back on the back bar, not in the well. Velocity improved as Apple and Honey extensions were added giving the consumer the ability to change up the still popular "7&7" cocktail for something even more tasty.

Note: We designed Seagram's 7 while employed at Landor.