Behold the evolution of e-delivery

BrandBrand develops a positioning, name and visual identity for a groundbreaking new offer.  A fresh brand with far reaching impact.


Fresh food delivery is the new normal. Everyone is doing it. But our online cravings are not without a few downsides.

Enter Liviri– poised to change the home delivery shipment experience with high-performance, reusable shipping solutions.

“Meal kits have become increasingly popular in the United States, but research shows that consumers really struggle with the experience when the box reaches them,” said Liviri CEO Jim Parke. “Proteins are difficult to keep in the safe temperature zone. Produce is wilted. The box is damaged. And even if it all arrives in good shape, the consumer is responsible for breaking down and discarding or recycling a lot of packaging. It’s not an efficient or enjoyable experience, so we set out to reimagine the box.”

Liviri solves both of these problems with its innovative, reusable shipping solution.

Think of that box sitting on the sunny porch all day. A study concluded nearly 47 percent of meal kits arrived with surface temperatures above 40 degrees, rendering them unsafe to consume. Liviri’s superior insulation provides over 80 percent better performance than the leading single-use packaging. Foods stay in the safe temperature zone much longer.

Upon arrival, consumers simply take their perishables out of the Liviri box, close the lid and attach the included return shipping label for pickup and return via FedEx or another shipping service. The Liviri box is sanitized and reused up to 75 times. Say goodbye to sloppy melting ice packs and piles of corrugated.

Liviri believes that change is essential for this transformative industry to continue its phenomenal growth– Making people feel even better about their favorite way of food shopping for years to come.

What struck our team most about the Liviri Box is its remarkable game-changing benefits. Our challenge was giving a highly functional delivery box a magnetic persona, telegraphing its multiple benefits, and establishing a brand that connects with both e-food shippers and shoppers.
— Richard Brandt – BrandtBrand
Liviri Landscape Smaller.png

The LIVIRI name is fresh, optimistic and future forward. Delivery + Livery + Live = Liviri

Our new offer is built on a strong purpose and promise. BrandtBrand consistently brought us solid branding ideas that will help us grow well in the future.
— Heather Syltie - Marketing Manager, Liviri

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