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About BrandtBrand

Our little story.

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BrandtBrand delivers a full-service experience without the massive overhead you need not pay for.

No matter the size of a budget, we promise to devote the vast amount of every dollar to the work, to your growth. BrandtBrand is comprised of a core team of very senior, very experienced, proven marketers and designers. We believe all great design starts with a bold, simple, “sticky” idea. Partnering closely with our clients on ideas first, we then visually express only the most compelling concepts.

The BrandtBrand DNA:

Put client's money back to work / Stay nimble, scalable & efficient / Make this business fun again!

Be Bold. Or just watch Netflix.
We seek to help our clients win, with bolder ideas and more daring design. 

Context is Everything
Big, bold, sticky ideas don't live in a vacuum we closely study the dynamics of the category and the world around us.

Consumers Antennae are Keenly Tuned
The designer's job is to develop unique signs and symbols that telegraphically speak to your target, whether they are paying close attention or not.

Low Risk is High Risk
Sometimes a close-in brand refresh is fine, but many times close-in means close-in returns.

Ideas are the Drivers
The big ideas are derived from insight and strategy, they drive bold design, great brand stories and longterm loyalty.

Have Fun, because this should be the Fun Part
Strategy, ideas and creativity are the best parts of our jobs. If you aren't looking forward to a meeting with BrandtBrand, we've failed!


What we do.



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