One of the most important (and challenging) aspects of branding is naming. BrandtBrand is here to help. We develop brand names the way we design - built from both insight and stories.

Naming Liviri-06.jpg

Liviri - the first reusable container system to meet the needs of e-food shoppers who want to make a positive impact. The Liviri name is fresh and future forward- living up the brands goal to invent a safer, cleaner and more responsible system to box and ship fresh food.  Delivery + Livery + Live = Liviri

Naming Generation Unlimited.jpg

The United Nations has established global partnerships that aim to ensure that every young person is in education, learning, training or employment by 2030. The name Generation Unlimited speaks to the boundless potential of young people around the world – building a new and dynamic model: co-creating innovative solutions; brokering support, mentoring and funding; placing young people at the forefront of change.

Naming BarSavvy-05.jpg

While most online spirits retail sites are designed for people who already know what they want, BarSavvy is built for the way real people plan for get-togethers. The BarSavvy site uses a few key details about a get together, along with personal preferences, to curate the best drink choices from a database of thousands of options. The BarSavvy name was born from the confidence and intelligence that hosts feel when shopping for stellar cocktail ingredients. Fun. Intelligently Curated.

Naming Nooku.jpg

The name Nooku is inspired by a Native American word for the white snowshoe rabbit, known for its lush coat and lightning speed. BrandtBrand developed the concept, name and packaging for this delicious new bourbon born in the Colorado mountains. Bringing to life the taste experience, BrandtBrand coined the tagline "Soft as a Rabbit. Hard as Bourbon."

Naming DryTown.jpg

From 1896 – 1969, Fort Collins Colorado was a "dry town" and relied on bootleggers for its libations. After a hard day’s work, the farmer, the banker, the mill worker, they all had to sneak around to get a sip of the good stuff. They made honest livings. They were good citizens. But they had a little rebelliousness in them, an outlaw spirit that urged them to break the rules. DryTown is the perfect spirit for a remarkable dry martini.

Naming UnicefGiving.jpg

 Historically, UNICEF USA had several donor giving programs with fragmented names and positions.

UNICEF USA's "giving circles" are an invitation for donors at all levels take part in- and feel part of UNICEF USA's mission to save and protect children around the world. The naming architecture is designed to feel welcoming and inclusive; for people to feel they're joining a community of like-minded people who share UNICEF USA's goals.

Naming Jema.jpg

A new contemporary cuisine restaurant from owner Joy Ellen Mangano. Using Joy's initials, and the fusion of the words "Gem & Joy" from both French and Portuguese.  JEMA captures both the essence of Joy herself, and the flair of international inspiration.