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Beauty Gels

Beauty from Inside.

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More women than ever before are coming to the realization that what they put into their bodies is just as important as (if not more important than) any external beauty aids they may utilize. BrandtBrand helped create Nature's Bounty Beauty Gels, the company's first real beauty supplement brand. A complete line of cosmeceuticals for today’s women.

Being beautiful is not just looking like JLo at 50. It’s also feeling equally as healthy, strong and rested.  It’s about creating the glow of naturally radiant skin and embracing proven anti-aging technologies that work.

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Realizing that women’s beauty as well as health needs could be addressed in the supplement aisle, the company was willing to reimagine the supplement category guardrails. The role packaging played in communicating all this could not be ignored.  We created a landscape on shelf that consumers would immediately recognize as unique and compelling.

With beautiful jars, colorful Gels, and a wonderful fragrance, Beauty Gels exude a sense of style that’s backed by the trusted Nature's Bounty brand. Beauty Gels are as gorgeous as they are effective. They perfectly fit with what women today expect: an innovative, trusted and new, exciting brand -- just for them.

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