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Generation Unlimited


BrandtBrand is proud to have partnered with The United Nations and UNICEF to create a name and visual identity for a crucial new initiative – Generation Unlimited.

Generation Unlimited is a global partnership that aims to ensure that every young person is in education, learning, training or employment by 2030 – tackling the global education and training crisis currently holding back millions of young people and threatening progress and stability.

World leaders, rock stars, CEOs and UNICEF… all big fans of BrandtBrand’s great work… Hats off to the BrandtBrand team!
— David Ohana, Chief | Brand Building Section, Division of Communication UNICEF New York Headquarters
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Generation Unlimited brings together the private sector, governments, international and local organizations – and young people – to identify and scale up the best solutions for three major challenges: access to secondary age education, acquisition of employability skills and empowerment, especially of girls.

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Generation Unlimited Tshirt-01.jpg

From the start we knew we had to deliver an IDEA, and one people would "get" in an instant. An idea that spoke straight from the program's heart, its true diversity of people and resources and ambitious goals.

We created the Generation Unlimited Circle – a forever-binding symbol of partnership & unity committed to helping 1.8 billion young people realize their maximum potential in life.

BrandtBrand designed the Generation Unlimited symbol to be bright and energetic – Wanting young people to feel inspired, empowered and encouraged by this initiative. A reminder that young people are being taken seriously, that they have potential, and that their ideas and talents can be realized through Generation Unlimited.


The assignment was the largest we were ever awarded, not in scope but in importance and impact. No project in our careers has felt so good.

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