Our people are everything.

Dynamic new identity for staffing agency.

AEROTEK was created by a group of executives from Boeing, has now grown to become the most reliable source for engineering recruiting and staffing worldwide. With a new strategic global platform for AEROTEK, BrandtBrand brings it to life for their three major constituents; AEROTEK employees, clients and recruits.


BrandtBrand created the core identity "Walking Forward". A powerful symbol that was inspired by a caliper, for centuries a powerful tool of engineers, and legs walking in forward motion. The core symbol speaks not just to engineering but more to humanity. People are AEROTEK's greatest strength, the power of forward thinking and optimism is something AEROTEK has delivered all its life. The new symbol says all that in the wink of an eye.

Aerotek Shirt, Cap&cup.jpg

EASi is a subsidiary of Aerotek. 

EASi provides critical, innovative engineering solutions around the globe. 

BrandtBrand created a simple, friendly yet mathematically accurate symbol, that was inspired by the perfection of a diamond. Sharp, bright and memorable as the people of EASi, the identity also cleverly links them to it’s parent company Aerotek.